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minho standees outside Romanson store

How can communicate with Lee Min Ho Opa personally in any way?


Hmmm, personally would be through his SNS accounts (if he reads his mentions and comments):

but he’s pretty inactive on his accounts tsktsk

top 20 dramas for you?

Hiii anon^^ and my apologies for the superrrrrrrrr late response :/

By dramas can i assume not limited to k-dramas? heh (itching to include my doramas and 连续剧)

Here goes (in no order):

Taiwanese Dramas

  1. In Time with you
  2. MARS
  3. Meteor Garden

Japanese Dramas

  1. Pride
  2. Nodame Cantabile
  3. Majo no Jouken
  4. Orange Days
  5. Iryu Team Medical Dragon 1
  6. Rich man, poor woman

Korean Dramas

  1. All About Eve
  2. City Hunter
  3. Coffee Prince
  4. Delightful girl Chun-hyang
  5. Full House
  6. Heartless City
  7. Iljimae
  8. It’s okay, it’s love
  9. I hear your voice
  10. Jumong
  11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  12. Queen In-hyun’s man
  13. Secret Garden 
  14. Reply 1997
  15. Princess’ Man

I failed -.- Continued typing and realised i exceeded 20 spots oops.

Some of the dramas might not be the best in terms of acting/plot but they hold a really special place in my heart <3

First Love

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Majo no Jouken OST

Utada Hikaru - First Love

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Why do we have to go through this? We didn't do anything wrong.

"See… I said it would rain".

Do you like anyone right now?

There is someone that my heart is drawn too, she makes me laugh.