i just watched IOIL ep 11 with chinese subs

having so much feels i cant sleep and it’s friggin 2.44am

screwedddd at work tmr


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Lee MinHo for Semir

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Helllooooooo you should really really start watching the Korean drama Fated To Love You! It's gooooddddd:):) god hahahha:):) i think you will fall in love with jang hyuk like I did!! Hahahha their osts are daebak too👍 btw, its a remake of the Taiwan version hahahahha:):) that's all:)


I’ve been watching it too but i’m only at ep 11, i need to catch up soon before i reblog the posts. I’ve always been quite skeptical about remakes but the korean version is doing a really good job. Jang Na-ra brings out the essence of Chen Xin-yi/Mi-young SO WELL. And Jang-hyuk is awesome as always. 

Speaking about the OST, i cannot get over how precious Ailee’s Goodbye My Love is, i’ve been looping this song together with the recent OSTs to no end.

Did lee min ho been to vietnam already?

Hi anon^^

I don’t think he has been to Vietnam for an official visit, Minho was supposed to have a concert last year but it was cancelled >.< 

That aside, I don’t know if he has been to Vietnam on a personal visit before

Yoo Seung Ho requested by anon


Yoo Seung Ho dance styles.

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i missed seungho-dongsaeng’s birthday bc i was in Seoul

omg, it’s not too late to reblog now right 

Since you've been talking about OSTs a lot - what do you think of the Heirs soundtrack? That one song that played during the rooftop kiss was brilliant, I felt, but apart from that...

Hello anon^^

the rooftop kiss OST was Moment right? Tbh I think it’s a good song but it was so overplayed i eventually got abit annoyed. 

I thought Heirs had a decent soundtrack with a few tracks that i’m still in love with like Serendipity and Growing Pains 2. There were songs which grew on me like My Wish and Bite my lower lip. However, overall, the soundtrack (including instrumentals) didn’t leave as great an impression like what some have for eg, City Hunter, Master’s Sun, Two Weeks, Miss Korea and I Hear your voice. (i almost forgot Coffee Prince and Pasta)